Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ada apa pada nama?

Apa ada pada nama?

nama saya....

Monday, April 04, 2011

admit it !!

you just have to admit it!
whenever if you got a problem or you have dozens of problems , one and only thing you should do is ADMIT IT ! !
The thing is 'how' exactly?
People like usually don't know what to do. I supposed me too. LOL. I gathered few tips for my one of 'sahabat' on how to admit one.. hehe.


TIPS ON HOW TO ADMIT YOU GOT A PROBLEM (or maybe dozens of them)

1. Think. Think. Think. What sorts of problem matter you got yourself into. Who did it? What she/ he do? how u are involved.
2. pick up your handphone.
3.dial your best friend/ sahabat/ good friend of yours or you can call me..
4. once the person pick up your call say " I HAVE A PROBLEM." Fullstop.

From here you'll take someone's advice for free. hehee.. Then, if its me who giving the advices, you should be thankfull because for a sahabat like you, i'll do whatever it takes to make your problems go away. Washed by rains or even with "Daya, lupakan yang lain".

and if you did?
congratulations! you have admitted you had a problem.

ps:: still sayang my sahabat sorang ni.. kau tahu kan. =)

Monday, February 28, 2011

analogi sayaa.....

saya pun baru je kat sini..
family sume jauh..
jauh sangat... apa yang ada dgn sayaa skang yang btul2 boleh dpanggil kawan..eventhough saya sgt2 mengerti yang
kawan ni bila susah dia datang cari saya. bila senang dia tinggal macam tu je..
tapi diamkan aje..(hanya tu je yang mampu)

bila jauh ku terkenang siapa dia yang selalu disisi..
bila susah ku terkenang siapa yang pergi.
bila senang ku terkenang siapa yang tidak senang..

well tu sume tak penting pun..
yang penting skang ialah syaza athirah binti mohamad azman..
dia sgt penting truskan semua yang dia na..
pursue everything that she wanted..
well..i got to!!
have to!!

dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung..
gosh i cant always run from problems can't i..

ibu and ayah tima kasih taw.. kakak memg mcm ni kot (na nanges lak..='(( )
khairull thanx for being my sahabat..
kiera thanx alot. lo0ve you too...

sorry fer late posting..

i had beed wrapped up in a busy busy life.
i can say that life in kmc very hectic plus
emotions testings (of course with peeps)..

posting venue: computer lab 6
time: around 10-11 a.m
currently studying c++ which i merely can't understand what i wrote what i type..

ps: i miss you guys a whole lot though..

Saturday, October 09, 2010

post mortem after drama.

our own version of cinderella.

drama was held yesterday..
venued at Mahawangsa Hall..
my practicum class as usual a bit lack here and there. need more practice.. but we cant turned back time. what done is done. there's a time when i finished writing our script.. I've read about a saying says "what can go wrong will go wrong" and apparently it does go wrong. ada aktres sana sini hilang. aku pun hilang!
altough it is not that good but alhamdulillah it's the best we showed to miss yanti.

with the girls
most of them sooo cuuttee!!!!

make-up ing azam. Pak belalalang.

p/s: what can i say..
they've done their best.
btw, thanx guys for cooperation, datang lambat, abiskan compact powder aku, jadi actors/actress aku.
thanx for efforts!!